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Stay tf away

protect your sacred space + keep negative energies at bay

This spell was uniquely crafted to provide a protective barrier around your sacred space or set a shield around a doorway. Each of the following materials is included in your kit:

  • ​Jar #1: Witch's Black Salt, crafted by hand using finely ground salt + ashes of cleansing + protective incense.

  • Jar #2:Egg Shell Powder, hand-ground and cleansed by the Moon + charged with the fiery energy of the Sun for that added oomph. It's basically my go-to "don't let the door hit you on the way out" ingredient.

  • Jar #3: Cat Claws; cats transmute negative energy by shedding their claws, releasing the stagnant + icky old energy to make room for new, fresh energy.

  • Jar #4: Black Onyx; this is my power-protector stone of choice. So incredibly protective that it might give off big-sibling-whose-got-ur-back vibes.

  • Cinnamon Sticks; for purification and to attract abundance and positivity.

  • White Candle

  • Black Obsidian Heart; for even more protection as it absorbs bad energy. Just be sure to cleanse it fairy frequently by leaving it under the Moon, with selenite or with incense smoke!

  • Empty Spell Jar

You will also need a knife, or sharp object to carve the candle with. 

Prior to beginning your spell, take a moment to ground yourself. Sit or stand comfortably, being sure to feel your feet or tailbone planted firmly on the ground. Take three, deep cleansing breaths. With each breath, imagine that you're inhaling the earth's grounding energy beneath you and exhaling your personal energy out towards the cosmos.

Once you're ready, cleanse the empty jar with either incense or by lighting a candle and passing the tin (safely) over the candle, above the flame. If you cleanse it via flame with the candle, be sure to notice the warming sensation and allow this deep, warm energy to infuse into the jar.


Take a moment to identify and meditate on your intention. If you're new to setting intentions; focus on a phrase starting with "I am" that encapsulates the outcome you'd like to achieve. For instance, your intention might be to drop whatever baggage you have from the day at the door. So your intention may be, I release what binds me and weighs me down. I am safe and whole.


Hold the jar in the palm of your hands and either say or think:

I consecrate this jar to be used for my protection.

Its presence will ward off anything that brings me strife,

Only allowing goodness into my life.

(Insert intention here)

And so it is.

At the bottom of the jar, begin with a layer of the Witch's Black Salt, focusing on the qualities you'd like it to bring (absorbing negativity, protective foundation, etc).

Next, add the Black Onyx chips. Again, focus on your intention and the incredibly protective quality of the stone. It may help to visualize each little chip as a gatekeeper or little warrior, prepared to defend your space.

Now hold the bottle of Cat's Claws in your hands and take a moment to reflect on any negativity that may be swirling around you at the moment. It may be gossip, any self-deprecating thoughts, stresses from the day, or where you feel physical tension in your body. When you're ready, release these feelings to the claws by gently blowing into the jar. Thank the claws for transmuting these feelings and add them to the spell jar.

Hold one of the Cinnamon Sticks in your hand and take a few deep, cleansing breaths, focusing again on your intention. State your intention out loud and finish with a And so it is. as you snap the cinnamon stick in half. Repeat this with the second stick so that you have 4 cinnamon sticks in total. Set aside.

Finish off the spell jar by adding the Egg Shell Powder. This is your "bye Felicia" moment, so feel free to audibly bid farewell to whatever it is that you'd like to release. There is power in your spoken word!

Using a knife or sharp object (I often use an arrowhead charm that I have), carve a sigil, protective rune, or a word that embodies your intention into the candle.

Seal the spell jar and attach the bottom of the candle to the top of the spell jar by heating/melting the bottom of the candle. Be sure to place the spell jar somewhere safe where the candle can burn down freely. DO NOT let it out of your sight- believe me, it's a scary thing to return to a spell candle that you swore was safe + find a small fire!

If you need to snuff the candle out + relight it over time, that's okay! Just be sure to snuff it or put it out with your fingers (if you know how). When you relight it, be sure to ground yourself + meditate on your intention once again.

Once the jar is sealed, it's ready for use! Set it above or near a doorway, on your altar, by your bed, or anywhere you feel you need it. Place each of the cinnamon sticks in the four corners of your house or space and carry the Black Obsidian Heart for an added boost of protection.

Blessed be, friend!

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