The answer's in the cards...


General 3 Card Pull

  • Past, present, future
  • Identifies what lingering energies you may be carrying into your current position
  • Discusses how you may unconsciously be feeling at present
  • Offers guidance and direction for where to redirect your energy


Additional Cards

  • Should you choose to add on additional card pulls, I'll pull an additional 3-5 cards for clarity!


Your reading will be delivered as a PDF via email- it includes a photo of the cards pulled and a transcription of my interpretations of the cards.

Tarot Reading

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Tarot is, by no means, predicting the future. It's a tool that can help you peek behind the curtain and unpack any challenges or questions you may be experiencing.

    I am not a licensed doctor or therapist, nor am I a certified financial advisor. Though divination can create space for healing, it does not replace medical assistance. I am not held liable for any actions or decisions made by the querent after or based on their reading.