I always like to describe osteomancy as a physical mapping of our inner workings. By taking a look at our internal universe from an outside perspective, we're able to better understand our actions + emotions, prompting deeper inquiry and reflection.


Per each reading, I take time to connect with your guides prior to throwing the bones. Your reading will be delivered as a 10-15 minute video via email; covering the throw and including my interpretations of the throw. You will also receive a photo of the throw and a key to what each item in my kit represents so that you can further reflect.


If you'd like a full PDF breakdown of the reading in addition to the video, you can select that as an add-on below.


Due to the nature of my work, I do not offer refunds or exchanges.


Delivery Date: I strive to have your reading delivered to you within one month of your purchase date. With that said, I cannot guarantee that date as I do this part-time and have other deliverables that take priority.


Is reading bones anything like reading tarot?

Yes and no! While tarot and throwing bones are both  incredibly interpretive + intuitive arts, the way I read bones is very different from how I read tarot! Think of the throw as you would think of an astrolger pulling up your birth chart. Only blend that with your aura, or your visual energy. It's a glance at how certain aspects of your conscious + unconscious mind dance with, bump into, or overtake others.


Where does bone throwing come from?

Osteomancy has roots all around the globe! The Mongolians oftentimes cast four-sided bones, the ancient Greeks divined via thrown sheep knuckles, and sangomas in South Africa are still taught to read bones today!


Can I purchase a reading for someone else?

Yes, by purchasing a Gift Card! I do not do readings for others without their consent via purchase. If you'd like to purchase a reading for a loved one, purchase a Gift Card so that they may book their preferred type of reading.

Bone Reading

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  • I am not a licensed doctor or therapist, certified financial advisor, or healer. Though divination and magic can allow space for significant healing, it is not a substitute for professional medical assistance, support, or guidance. I am not responsible for any actions or decisions the querent makes after, or based off of their reading.