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charm your talisman and enchant your life

This spell was uniquely crafted to attract abundance, attention, self-love, and beauty into your life! This ritual is best performed on a Friday, as it's ruled by Venus, and preferably on a full moon. Each of the following materials is included in your kit:

  • ​Jar #1: Lavender for peace, happiness, purification, and protection

  • Jar #2: Crystal Blend made of citrine for confidence + radiance, garnet for love + devotion, amethyst for inspiration + serenity

  • Rose Buds for sensuality, chemistry, and beauty

  • Tumbled Pink Botswana Agate for emotional healing, stress relief, and unconditional love

  • Pink + Gold Tin

Prior to beginning your spell, take a moment to ground yourself. Sit or stand comfortably, being sure to feel your feet or tailbone planted firmly on the ground. Take three, deep cleansing breaths. With each breath, imagine that you're inhaling the grounding energy of the earth beneath you, and exhaling your personal energy out towards the cosmos.

Once you're ready, cleanse the small tin with either incense or by lighting a candle and passing the tin (safely) over the candle, above the flame. If you cleanse it via flame with the candle, be sure to notice the warming sensation and allow this deep, warm energy to infuse into the tin.


Take a moment to identify and meditate on your intention. If you're new to setting intentions; focus on a phrase starting with "I am" that encapsulates the outcome you'd like to achieve. For instance, your intention might be to gain the confidence needed to put yourself out there more romantically. So your intention may be- I am confident.


Hold the tin in the palm of your hands and either say or think:

I consecrate this tin to be used for my glamour magic.

With the talismans I place inside, may I find my inner shine.

(Insert intention here)

And so it is.

Now hold the Crystal Blend in your hands. Take a moment to focus on the properties each gem will bring: radiance, devotion, serenity. I always like to whisper or speak to the bottle saying:

Thank you for bringing me radiance, devotion, and serenity.

And add the blend to the tin. Next, do the same thing with the Lavender.

Thank you for encouraging my peace and inner happiness.

Add the Pink Botswana Agate and say:

Thank you for providing a safe environment for emotional healing, and welcoming love.

Finally, take each of the Rose Buds and as you add them, with each one, envision yourself feeling confident, sexy, irresistible, or any other feeling that coincides with your intention.

To fully seal this spell tin, I would recommend either writing your intention on the pink label on top of the tin or adding a sigil, rune, or image that resonates.

Congrats! Your spell tin is now ready for use! To charm your selected talisman (it can be any piece of jewelry that you feel drawn to), cleanse the talisman and then place it inside of the tin. Place your hands over the tin and take a moment to focus again on your intention, truly envisioning yourself fully embodying your intention. Leave the talisman to charge overnight + tada! It's good to go. Be sure to cleanse your talisman by moonlight, crystals, washing, or incense smoke prior to charging it again.

Blessed be, friend!

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