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osteomancer + aesthetic magic creatrix

What's up witches?  It's nice to ~virtually~ connect with you. My name is Christy Kato + I'm Wisteria Witch. I am a practicing + professional witch currently based out of Savannah, GA.

The name Wisteria Witch is an ode to the lineage of women who came before me. The Japanese surname Kato represents wistera; a plant that symbolizes immortality, love, lineage, and expanding consciousness. Just as this powerful plant has the potential to destroy as it climbs, it simultaneously fertilizes + nourishes the ground that it grows from. With Wisteria Witch, I aim to honor this dynamic plant + my ancestors by focusing my work on fostering collective growth. My work includes charm + bone readings, classes, content creation, copywriting, + more.

Let's cast some spellz